Mechanical Engineering



To contribute to global development by producing knowledgeable, innovative, smart and ethical professionals who are technically sound in the field of mechanical engineering.



•Enable students to develop technical skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

•Develop new courses with case studies from modern industries.

•Involve students with faculty in various research activities.

•Promote the students to follow an ethical code of conduct while performing any task.

•Create an environment for open ended problem solving and learning.

•Promote students to always work in   teams for competitive   events of national or international importance.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)  

•To prepare employable students by imbibing technical skills to the students in the field of Mechanical Engineering both theoretically and practically.

•To enable student participation in multidisciplinary events and empower the students for higher education. 

•Enable students to generate, innovate and solve problems which require interdisciplinary knowledge with modern and classical engineering tools.